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273 Calyer Street
Studio 1305
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

I am an Australian Filipino artist currently based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. My art practice gravitates towards the seething and strange; working across painting, writing, and digital media. I love playing with symbolism and visual metaphor within my work; pushing the boundaries of objects and their form and injecting them as props that interact with my characters to build the emotional world around them. In early 2021, I became obsessed with the visual concept of the “glitch”, a spraying of pixels that ripples an object's form and function. I like to play with bringing this concept to life in analog renderings, where I find comfort in the pushing and pulling of lines as they dance between familiar and abstract spaces. A flower blooming in the sunlight, a wilting rose for love dwindling, a butterfly to show the shedding of old skin. I find it soothing to explore these emotional states visually and hope that viewers of my work find a visceral resonance reflected back to them.


Instagram: @irenefeleo