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221 Banker Street
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Each of my sculptures is intended to embody a constellation of meaning centered around a particular aspect of life. A particular work is generated by thinking about an aspect of my own life, or one that is universal, or a sculptural form. No single one of those elements always comes first, sometimes one, sometimes another, or they are simultaneous. The meaning is conveyed by the form as well as the content, so that it can never be completely expressed in words (or a picture). I often make a small study, usually in wax so that it may be easily be manipulated and changed. If I find it compelling enough it will lead to a larger sculpture (or more studies). The studies are necessary, not only to refine my compositional ideas, but because the larger sculpture will require a solid welded armature to accomodate my material: concrete or resin (and clay in the process). Color has always been an important element. This was affirmed when I learned that most sculpture through the ages has been polychrome, not "colorless" (which is literally impossible). I was drawn to making sculpture because I have always been awestruck by the wonder of form and color in space as one navigates the world. I want to express that wonder, as well as my feelings about myself and the world, and what it is to make a sculpture, both in our time and in any time.


Instagram: @hkalish