Hae Won Sohn – 2024

Primary Medium



253 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

As an artist primarily engaged in ceramic processes such as slip-casting and mold-making, I deeply engage with conceptual explorations and process-oriented methodologies. My work emerges from a non-linear interplay between positive and negative spaces from which I navigate the boundaries between form and its surrounding environment, and further unveiling conceptual inquiries about the transposable relationship between product and byproduct, subject and subject matter, and art and artisanship. At the core of my practice lies a commitment to liberating forms, tapping into their sculptural potentials as they evolve beyond traditional techniques. I embrace a fluid disposition that allows for a dynamic exchange between positive forms and their negative molds. This fluidity weaves intricate relationships within my sculptural progressions. Each piece becomes part of a larger ecosystem of forms, emphasizing their interconnectedness and mutual definition within a metaphysical realm. This journey of discovery often yields sculptural remnants—fragmented molds, repurposed prototypes, and armatures—that become integral to my process. These discovered forms are not only reincorporated but also reimagined through iterative cycles, birthing a new generation of sculptural offspring and perpetuating a generative craft. Expanding from this interplay between spatial and conceptual dichotomies, I embrace the entirety of my making process as subject matter and engage in a reflective exploration of craft itself. I contemplate the multifaceted meanings embedded within craft, viewing it not only as a means to shape function but also as a performative practice. Craft, as both a verb and a subject, extends to a conceptual examination of space, both within the forms I create and within my identity as an artist. It prompts divergent paths and alternative forms, manifesting a longing and pursuit of purpose throughout the act of making. In essence, my practice embodies a synthesis of material exploration, conceptual inquiry, and self-reflection. Ultimately I am drawn to the space represented in my forms as well as the space I occupy as an artist—an undefined terrain perpetually finding shape and ground amidst established forces and fields. Through tactile exploration and visual study, I construct an ecology of metaphysical forms that are inextricably defined by one another, embodying the liminal space between creation and extraction, intention and discovery.


Website: http://Haewonsohn.com
Instagram: @haewsohn