Gail Flanery – 2023

Primary Medium

Collage/Other works with paper


148 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

“I believe all art forms are found in nature. The range of my images all draw from nature. Much of my work is suggestive of landscape although the geography is not specific. These landscapes are invented. And, of course, nature is not just landscape – I see the beautiful structure and line of trees. The line can represent, or just be a line. I try to put expressive force in my mark. Nature opens my way, and the images support one another. The work evolves and develops with a consideration of space, and a use of color, that refers to natural elements. It helps me express a mood and a sense of place that is remembered rather than observed. I am a printmaker. I have had the fortune to work, over the years, closely with several Master Printers. My affinity is with paper.”


Instagram: @gailflanery