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655 manhattan ave
Apt 1
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

-Tijuana, the city I grew up in, is a continuous inspiration for my work. It influenced my sense of curiosity, rebelliousness and aroused my sense of aesthetics. My work is the evolution of memories, relationships and interactions with my surroundings. I often capture images that display intimate actions or recollections that have left an imprint in my life because I believe in the magic of timing and am amazed by the constantly occurring present. The creation of these images is like writing a visual journal, they are an exploration of identity, vulnerability and portray internal awareness. Through multimedia techniques I reflect upon social concerns and interpret them as alternative possibilities. The usage of primitive, raw materials like hair, twigs, clay, and found objects are elements that compose works where I create organic structures that are inspired by the fragility of our nature.


Instagram: @puntoverdeceramics