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Transmitter Park
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

THE GREENEST POINT 2016, presented by Greenpoint Innovations (, was a north Brooklyn community-focused climate sustainability awareness project produced and organized in alignment with Climate Week NYC 2016. We brought together artists, musicians, celebrity advocates, and, the general public to experience trending arts and technology, while concurrently learning about local and global climate sustainability issues. The project included two murals painted by three internationally-renown artists; this mural at Transmitter Park, painted by Faile, titled “Love me, love me not”, and also a collaboration mural at North 13th & Berry titled “The Thread that Binds Us” by AskewOne & Vexta. “We try to create images that let the viewer experience a visceral emotion and give room to project into the work. The idea was the timeless theme of “love me… love me not”—aiming to depict a moment that asks the question of what kind of relationship we have with nature. Are we here to love it and take care of it or not? The frog represents nature, cleansing, rebirth and metamorphosis. We used part of a traditional polish pattern in the socks as a nod to the Polish community in Greenpoint. The orientation of the image facing the city suggests a place for thoughtful meditation within our modern age.” -Faile


Instagram: @greenpointinnovations