Primary Medium



29 Norman Avenue
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Passionate with lighting design for years the main proposed work is actually a piece of furniture. Its inspiration comes from the Bauhaus School where simplicity and practicality are the key principles driving chair designs. The Blue Chair (1917) from Gerrit Rietveld has always been a constant design simplicity inspiration. Loris Bolid was supposed to be an adult dining chair but turned out, with the birth of my nephew Loris, into a real bolid. A real modular object dedicated to kids. Strong on its wheels, Loris Bolid evolves in three specific positions: chair, sled and storage. Easy too reproduced, its modularity allows very diverse materials and color palettes. The Mask, a light box designed to host masks is all about contrasts: contrast with styles, lights and colors. Here again the modularity of color schemes and brightness allows to re-invent the mask contours. The dancing Lala is the center of a moving image. Like a living dancer dancing with light reflecting in the mirror of life. Emmanuel Gambin is a Workspace Member at A/D/O.