Emily Tripp – 2023

Primary Medium



67 West St. Room 222
Brooklyn, 12221

Artist Statement

Have you seen a horizon lately? As an artist I find that I am drawn to the push and pull experience of being one who is searching for and adapting to change. As a painter, I understand my practice to be a similar cadence. Through the push and pull of abstraction I choose to utilize paint with a capital 'p,' as a tool to document or understand my own human experiences. Each painterly contact occurs linear in action, yet each mark is experienced as non-linear in consequence or effect. Much like the patterns of life, every decision contributes to the whole. Such a dance is a rotation between maintaining artistic control, taking risks, solving mistakes, or deciding to change the outcome from what was once previously anticipated. Each painting may lead to elicit the viewer's eyes to exit the canvas inspired by the discovery of a great abyss.


Website: http://emilyttripp.com
Instagram: @em.tripp