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67 West St.
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Hoy’s process begins with painting and drawing on site at federal or state designated Superfund and brownfield sites in the northeast United States. Based on her observation of these landscapes, she construct miniature tableaux from discarded objects—often taken from the sites. Wire and string re-create the drawn line, while recycled debris mimics the color palette of the paintings, building three-dimensional dioramas that the viewer can look into and walk around. At most sites, there is no border or fence to designate where the land officially becomes too polluted. By creating a visual record of these sites, she begins the process of acknowledging their existence by asking questions about how we should consider these places. How do we look at these landscapes? How can we see them differently? What is the relationship between the cause of the pollution, our lifetime of consumption, and the discarded elements that make up the sculptures?


Instagram: @elizabethhoy