Diana Haro – 2024

Primary Medium



1071 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Diana Haro Mexican multidisciplinary artist, born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Her exploration with ceramics had her starting We Are Ceramics in 2022. As a response to the daily changes we were living keeping a sustainable practice as a ceramicist working from home was essential. Diana started We Are Ceramics with the question of how to use art on a daily basis. Diana is also an award winner filmmaker. Graduate from International Affairs with a Diploma in Production of Contemporary Art. As a filmmaker her experimental film Portrait of Absence got her to be awarded a grant from the Mexican Institute of Cinema, and her work as a producer has been awarded Grand Jury Award as well as the Audience Award for Competition Features at the 25th annual Dances with Films festival in Los Angeles. Her early ceramic and mirror work has been part of group exhibitions such as “Útiles Para el Desmantelamiento de la Vision” at Tijuana’s Cultural Center, CECUT and. Diana is the founder and artist behind the ceramic Brand We Are Ceramics. In this open studios you will have deeper look into Portraits in Spring, a series she has been working on about self, growing up by the border and our relationship with nature. Growing up in Tijuana as children we see life as an established truth. I learned what life is about from my mom and my sister. Before us, mom learned from her mother, and so on. Just like when I say “Tijuana” people think they know what the city is about, when you say “self-portrait” there’s a type of image that comes to mind.   This exhibition has its value in sharing. That is why humans, artists and in my case "storyteller", open up our personal universe.  With clay, I bring my intangible personal universe to the three-dimensional so that you can see me.  Each piece I handbuilt from memory – a feminine, Mexican, feminist, queer, immigrant, individualistic memory, which brings my pieces closer to the political presented as a breath of otherness in this foreign country. These pieces explore the possibilities of clay in terms of representation, the city, my intrigue and need to understand the value-systems and how they are woven to form each of us. As a unique human amongst many other unique human experiences, I formed myself in absence, trauma and a middle-class single-parent household in Mexico.  I had leaned on that, until I abolished the terms of the value-systems to advance towards the plane of reincarnation, as spring sprouts in New York and the cherry blossom trees bloom at the Noguchi Museum. Just like my childhood inside and outside of the Mexican border, the realities that live in me are so separate that they grow inside and outside of me. As I, clay feels – it has the capacity to absorb my energy and emotions. Therefore the obviousness of the pieces is in their abstraction…what you get from them in terms of emotions and states of awareness is correct, as well as in relation to the things that paralyze us, which nevertheless if we see face to face make us move into the next station.


Instagram: @weareceramics