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273 Calyer Street, Brooklyn NY
Studio 1305-A
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Debra Salomon’s work is informed by the nature of objects in a real and imagined space. She keeps a personal thesaurus of weight, skin, fragrance, textures, form and physics, gathered over years of looking at the urban landscape. In her work, here and there trade places and boundaries are firm but overlapping, a conversation in different languages. An inveterate traveler, her visual vocabulary is built upon journeys to places where material culture is expressed in vastly different ways. In her work, Salomon seeks to create nature, rather than mimic it- to guide paint on a surface until it finds its form. She is stimulated by imperfection, knowing that the universe is tends towards entropy but clots, even so, into order. Her work is complete when the boundaries where disparate elements connect are caught in one moment. Like 14th street, which divides uptown and downtown, the artist is interested in the journey between the curbs.


Instagram: @debrasalomon