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147 Norman Ave
Apt. #1L
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

(Odarea, Romania b.1977), Dan Sabau is a painter who lives and works in Brooklyn, NewYork. He studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art where he received his BFA. He frequently paints his subjects from life. With influences like Nicole Eisenman, Jenny Seville and Marlene Dumas, Sabau has a penchant for the exploration of unconventional beauty. He finds inspiration in the human condition and gravitates toward physically striking subjects. While referencing traditional portraiture and classical nodes of beauty, he refrains from idealizing, instead finding beauty in divergence. Reveling in depthful minimalism, Sabau's work engages the imagination through omission. . His work has been exhibited in national and international galleries and art fairs, including NADA Miami Basel, Scope Swizerland Basel, and Art on Paperin New York.


Instagram: @Dansabau77