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61 Greenpoint Ave
Ste #503
Brooklyn, 11211

Artist Statement

Courtney Kinnare is an abstract artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. Without feeling constricted to one medium or style, she works fluidly across canvases, walls, bespoke furniture, and the digital landscape to create abstract works filled with hyper-color palettes rarely observed in the natural world. Her practice revolves around the use of many mediums, and often times spans back and forth between the physical and digital realm until it finds its finishing point. Working intuitively and allowing room for play, Courtney’s art hopes to encapsulate the viewer and guide them in movement, perspective, and inspection to understand the essence of each piece. With a background in graphic design and photography, Courtney has also been leaning into combining technology and art in the digital realm. She has been investigating image and video-making from multiple mediums - digital, physical, & AI - and is excited to continue expanding her practice beyond fine art.