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29 Norman Ave
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Clio Sage is a Brooklyn-based designer and fabricator. Coming from an education in architecture and a professional career in architectural model-making, her design perspective is driven by material experimentation and combining digital and traditional fabrication processes. Strongly inspired by the aesthetics of near and retro-futurism, her perspective has been expressed in architecture, fashion design, and most recently industrial design. This lamp is Clio's first exploration into product design as informed by her most recent material and fabrication interests. While the design itself developed from a personal emotional narrative, the methodology in order to create it was rigorously formulaic and technically versatile. This piece, Flood Lamp, combines 3D modeling, CNC routing, woodworking, hydrocal casting, dremeling, plaster finishing, and circuitry in order to make a seemingly simple ambient lamp. Clio Sage is an A/D/O Workspace Member.


Instagram: @cliosage