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The Mallard Drake
43 Franklin St.
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

In my latest series, "Musicians," I pay homage to my love for live music.  For many years I’ve been going out and drawing live music in small local venues in Brooklyn like Troost and Pete’s Candy Store. I carry small handmade sketchbooks in my back pocket and make loose ink drawings, mostly in the dark, so I really don’t see the drawing until later. I then take those small drawings and use them as starting points for larger paintings on wood panels, canvas and paper. Before painting the subject, I start out by underpainting the surface, using a mix of materials including spray paint, paint marker, ink and acrylic. I like to use found objects, such as the plastic grills from cars and box fans as stencils to create patterned textures.


Instagram: @subtexture_works