Primary Medium

Collage/Other works with paper


The Mallard Drake
43 Franklin St
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Chris Smith aka "subtexture" graduated from Pratt Institute in the late 80’s he has been curating shows and exhibiting his art in a variety of galleries, bars and other alternative spaces in Greenpoint for over 25 years. He’s not a street artist, but he uses things he’s found on the street, such as road signs, rusted metal and old wood as ingredients in his art. A self-proclaimed “punk printer” he utilizes a wide range of processes in his work, including image transfer, silkscreen, stencil, letterpress, and collage. "I've been going out and drawing live music in Brooklyn for many years at places like Troost and Pete’s Candy Store. I make small sketchbooks that fit in my back pocket and draw loose line drawings, mostly in the dark, so I really don't see the drawing until later. I then take those small drawings as starting points for larger pieces on canvas, wood panels and paper.



Instagram: @subtexture_works