Primary Medium



394 McGuinness Boulevard
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Through meticulous layering, video collage, and the use of translucent glazing, Baily constructs representational mixed media narratives that interact with light and movement, often seeming to depict a single moment from multiple viewpoints. Migrating birds, clouds, and oceans, amongst other recurring motifs, weave together scenes suspended between dream and memory. In his work, the artist defies traditional notions of time and medium specificity, resulting in meditative experiences that challenge the boundaries of film and painting. In each painting, opacity, which blocks the moving images, becomes the negation of action and the director of stillness. The scenes are imbued with subtle yet continuous changes as the videos play beneath them, generating loops that simulate real-time perception. These visual loops create an extended present that blurs the boundaries between past and future, encouraging the viewer to enter a meditative state. In our contemporary age of screens, this interplay of different temporalities creates the opportunity to interact with and reflect on our relationship to stillness and contemplation. Baily often works in series, examining global structures of perception such as the collective human experience, trauma, and expectation.


Instagram: @chrisbaily