C. Richard 2019

Primary Medium



YMCA 99 Meserole Avenue, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Artist Statement

Sunny Garden in Blue: Portraits from Krakus Senior Center Sunny Garden in Blue: Portraits from Krakus Senior Center is a workshop series and exhibition by SU-CASA Artist in Residence, Bundith Phunsombatlert. The program invites senior residents to create their own personal garden on paper and fabric using the cyanotype process. Cyanotype is a simple photographic printing technique creating blue pictures when exposed to sunlight. Participants choose flowers and plants from different cultural and geographic sources, or use their personal photographs through their life journey to create the artworks. Participants then exchange stories about the history and social meanings of the images they created. Using the cyanotype technique, participants harvest the capacity of the sun to garden in two-dimensional imagined space, regardless of the season. Sunny Garden in Blue connects cold emotional experiences in blue with the warm process of sunlight exposure in cyanotype.


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