Bryce Wymer – 2023

Primary Medium



87 Richardson St 300J
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, 11211

Artist Statement

Bryce Wymer is an American born visual artist currently based in Brooklyn, New York. His works are drawn from abbreviated figurative forms and occasionally lean into romantic, anxiety, tinged narratives. These works are characterized by a unique combination of bold graphic compositions and humanist abstraction. In many of his works, figures engaged in bizarre, sometimes mundane situations are placed within wide open, often barren environments. Wymer utilizes a bold candy-like palette to engage and bring the viewer into his narratives. His use of limited palettes, overlapping elements and cross sections are a direct result of his interest in the many layers of the human condition. His works make a figurative nod to the Social Realist movement while addressing social progression and the driving relation between the powerful and the powerless.


Instagram: @brycewymer