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37 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

B.Calello (b. 1988, Boston) In 1888, exactly one century before I was born, Kodak began marketing inexpensive snapshot cameras to consumers, effectively establishing a social practice for family photography. In the years that followed my birth, film turned to pixels, cameras became smartphones, and private albums transitioned to photo streams, clouds, and public posts. My work sources from and responds to my family archive, by considering family photography as a ritualistic relationship with camera technology over time. At the root of this ongoing investigation, I insist that the photographs of the family album be read with a preliminary consideration for their creation as a prescribed performative gesture with, for, and by the camera. Within this initial understanding, I focus on the inevitable failures (technically and conceptually) that occur when capturing a family unit over time. I’m currently focused on the consideration of Google as the millennial equivalent of Kodak, and utilize the tech giant's artificially intelligent Google Clips camera as a primary tool for exploration.


Instagram: @B_Calello