AskewOne & Vexta 2019

Primary Medium



Berry Street / North 13th Street
Brooklyn, 11249

Artist Statement

THE GREENEST POINT 2016, presented by Greenpoint Innovations, was a north Brooklyn community-focused climate sustainability awareness project produced and organized in alignment with Climate Week NYC 2016. We brought together artists, musicians, celebrity advocates, and, the general public to experience trending arts and technology, while concurrently learning about local and global sustainability issues. The project included two murals painted by three artists; this mural at North 13th & Berry was a collaboration titled “The Thread that Binds Us” by internationally-renown AskewOne & Vexta. The second mural is located at Transmitter Park, painted by Faile, titled “Love me, love me not”. @AskewOne's portraits are profiles of local environmentalists working hard to keep the neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Williamsburg sustainable and healthy. @Vexta's birds – the Bohemian Waxwing, Common Loon, and Purple Finch- are, according to the NY Audubon Society, native to NY State but are being threatened and/or endangered by climate change. “I wanted to paint portraits of local people doing interesting things around sustainability within the Greenpoint area. I think it’s great to paint local faces, people with a genuine connection to the neighborhood and acknowledge their good work. Accompanying these paintings are additional short video pieces that have each of the subjects speaking about what they do in their own words. I think that in particular art in the public space can be a very powerful way to put messaging on issues that matter right out in front of people who may not otherwise engage with it. Also an artist has the freedom to make the image captivating in a way that perhaps other platforms for speaking about serious issues don’t. People get bombarded with so much conflicting information every day especially via the mainstream media, art can put people in the contemplative space to engage differently.” -ASKEWONE “…we are not the only ones affected by climate change. I painted the Common Loon, Bohemian Waxwing and Purple Finch all of which are native to the NY state area. Each of these birds is climate threatened or endangered according to the Audubon report. The icebergs they fly above are constructed of geometric melting shapes which are representation of the subatomic particles that make up all matter. Further connecting us to our changing world.” -VEXTA In addition, in close collaboration with Askew1, Greenpoint Innovations supported Askew’s effort by curating & filming the four local environmentalists:


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