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649 Morgan Ave SUITE 1-H
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Alton's creativity and love of fashion was birthed out of necessity. Some of his earliest childhood memories include time spent at his father's tailor shop. At the age of fifteen, it became necessary for him to learn a skill. Alton's skill of choice was tailoring. This was understandable being that his favorite childhood toy was an old broken sewing machine. Alton realized he had a natural gift; he quickly became proficient in sewing and designing. What was born out of necessity quickly became a career choice as he developed a deeper love for fashion designing. Alton viewed fashion designing as a creative outlet. Alton Toussaint is a brand that is interested in the middle ground between avant-garde, sophistication and classic. Our aim is to design fashionable clothing without compromising comfort and style. This is achieved by utilizing high quality fabrics, expert tailoring and flattering effortless silhouettes. The diversity and energy of New York City creates an atmosphere for him where inspiration is never far. Inspiration is around every corner and comes to him from the music, art, culture and people.


Instagram: @alton_toussaint