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177 Carroll Street
Brooklyn, 11231-3507

Artist Statement

I am an Artist working out of a studio space in Greenpoint. I grew up with a passion for art and creating mostly focusing my free energy on illustration and painting whenever I could find time between school and sports and travel. Over the years I have taken courses and studied at a number of local institutions like the Brooklyn Museum, the Art Students League and Wesleyan University where I was for undergrad. I relished my time in classes in painting drawing and more esoteric forms of art such as Sumi - E painting. I have recently decided make my passion into a career and am now a full time artist dedicate to developing my practice, ouevre and voice as an artist. My paintings combine both representational and abstracted elements. I like to capture the spirit and energy of my subject matter with my unique color palette and loose brushwork while still maintaining the underpinnings of more structured and disciplined practices of representational work as a way to ground the painting and maintain the traditional approaches to dimensions, ratios and spacing.


Instagram: @aofinnerty