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95 Eagle Street
Apt 2
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

There is a true connection between the artist, the morning light, and her memories. Metallic invites sunlight into her artwork, starting each day bright, though the mood shifts with time. This work was born of opposites—light and dark, life and death, joy and pain—but it has become a reminder of the beauty in every day. Alexandra Fish began the ritual of making art everyday as a personal creative outlet and to honor a loved one. Her ethereal art is a bridge between loss and hope. Gravitating towards geometric forms as well as intuitive design, her heartfelt process is a form of meditation leading to peace of mind. The work is created in natural light and meant to reflect it back into the world. Even on darker days, it still shines like the ocean. It’s still full of promise.


Instagram: @ultraviolet.alex