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649 Morgan Avenue
First Floor
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Alchemical Thresholds What if we considered abstraction and representation not as opposing approaches in art, but as ultimately the same thing? Alchemical Thresholds proceeds from that simple proposition, and brings together work by New York based artists across a variety of mediums that is abstract, yet in some way also referential. The works in this exhibition distill ideas, subject matter, or materials through an intelligible formal language, and consider different ways in which abstraction might connect to the tangible world. Though disparate in their approaches to form, subject matter, and materials, the artists in this exhibition are connected by shared interests in formalism, and an approach to materiality that is both truthful and transformative. Working with a variety of unconventional materials such as chlorophyll, cast porcelain, and dark-room chemicals, they operate in the ambiguous spaces between the known and the unknown, the familiar and the strange, and the physical and the ethereal. Additionally, Alchemical Thresholds will include an “exhibition within an exhibition,” itself both a representation and an abstraction of the very idea of an exhibition, featuring a presentation of work by Jack Henry via Short Stop Gallery, an alternative exhibition space operated out of a vintage toy capsule machine, conceived by Andrew Moeller. Participating artists: Ryan Dawalt, Greg Carideo, Trevor King, Lauren Annais Hussey, Noa Raviv, Sutton Murray, Mark Sengbusch, Joshua Caleb Weibley, Patrick Carlin Mohundro, Lisa Beck, Kit Fretz, Steven Pestana, Shane Walsh, and Shane McAdams + Short Stop Gallery featuring Jack Henry


Instagram: @afeim