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Morgan Ave
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

My intention is to inhabit fluidity and remain open to new perspectives. The journey to commit to me has been much about letting go of the familiar to lead myself into the unknown with ease and grace. All of my paintings are meant to be rotated with no final form. Each piece has been exhaled through my channel and invoked with the winds of Reiki healing. I have created a sigil as my signature and placed it in different corners to represent an openness to the different points of view that can always be accessed. When I’m not painting in the quaint parks of Brooklyn, I am a children’s yoga teacher and reiki practitioner feeling the waves and spirals as I move through my Saturn return. I enjoy creating a safe space for others to be silly and let it out. I hope that my pieces inspire you to do the same! My long-term dream is to be financially secure in my skills to snag a van and travel the world while creating massive murals. Your presence on my art enhances the belief I have in my future, starting with the next steps I take.


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Instagram: @__pozzi